Lodge St Andrew (LSA) 13, was consecrated in Paphos, on the 13th of February, 2013. The lodge was consecrated by Grand Officers from the Grand Lodge of Cyprus, headed by Grand Master Bro Panayiotis Ioannu.



LSA had been probably 5 years in the making before the consecration. It was the brainchild of Founding Member , Bro Alex Strange , Pm. The first few years were difficult, as there were really only 6 founding members acting as office-bearers. LSA was aided by members of Strict Observance Lodge, in order to perform a degree. This situation eased as more members joined .
LSA took up residence at the Masonic Temple in Limassol, and has had all its meetings there since early 2013.


Installation of Right Worshipful Masters

The Brethren who have held the rank of Right Worshipful Master in Lodge St Andrew 13, are as follows:-

Bro Alex Strange, RWM , 2013-2015.
Bro Alan Robertson, RWM, 2015-2018.
Bro Jim Robertson, RWM, 2018-2020.
Bro Alan Robertson RWM , 2020- present.


LSA has grown slowly over the past 8 years, partly due to resignations and brethren moving away from Cyprus. At the time of writing, LSA has 13 active members.

LSA tries to schedule 8 meetings a year, but the average is 6 per year.

A candidate can expect to be Initiated in the 1st Degree , Passed to the 2nd Degree, and Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason in a period of no more that 18 months.



LSA has made significant donations to charity as follows:-

St Michael’s Hospice, Paphos, received euro 500- from Lodge St Andrew in 2016.
The Charity, Funraising, ( a charity for autistic children) in Limassol, received euro 500 from Lodge St Andrew in 2019. In addition, a member of Lodge St Andrew donated euro 500- personally, along with a charity box donation of euro 600- from a restaurant business.


The Future

Since March 2020, LSA has only had 2 meetings, being in July and September. This , of course, was due to the restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Cyprus is still in the grip of a lockdown, but, at the time of writing, restrictions are being eased gradually, and , with a bit of luck, Masonic meetings may again take place towards the summer of 2021.